Member - True_To_The_End

Score 941030
Kills 9580
Deaths 14033
K:D Ratio 0.68
Accuracy 14.70%
Kill Streak 16
Time Played 4d 07h 59m

True_To_The_End began his gaming career about three months after World at War was released. He enjoyed playing the online multi-player but prefered to play the add on game Nazi Zombies. When Modern Warefare came out he took it seriously. He spent some time playing the game and leveling up by completeing chalenges to earn the in game titles and emblems. Black Ops was another game where he played a lot at the start but because of technical issues he was offline during this games life for over three months. Having all problems resolved by the time Modern Warefare 3 came out he is not progressing in the game at a steady pace and is having fun with it which is the most important factor. Both Zerovalve and himself have been gaming together since they began in the World at War days.


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