Member - Zerovalve

Score 2236460
Kills 23880
Deaths 18895
K:D Ratio 1.263
Accuracy 16.04%
Kill Streak 23
Time Played 6d 20h 19m

Zerovalve began his online gaming when Call of Duty World At War came out. He played this game for just under a year until Modern Warfare II was released. This game being the best first person shooter at the time took everyone by suprise with its very fast gameplay. All players had to be on their toes for the duration of the match. A year later Black Ops was released with its record breaking sales in the first 24 hours. Zerovalve became attached to this game like no other and reached the highest level possible in just over 6 months. Next we come to Modern Warefare 3 which again outsold the previous games and to date is the most played game on both xbox and Ps3. Zerovalve started off his online gaming with True_To_The_End during World At War.


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