Welcome to Elite Group

Elite Group is a site for a group of Call Of Duty players who came together and formed a clan known as 'GTW*'. The GTW* stands for Gandalf The White. You may have heard of him in the movie trilogy The Lord of The Rings. Having all bought the record Selling game on its release date 08/11/11 the group started out from the begining and over the past few months have grew levels and have become veterns at this game.

MW3 image

As an example of some wonderful gameplay check out the videos section of this website. All three players upload video content on a daily basis and also work on greating great montages which will be posted on this site when available.

Each member of this elite group has thee own profile page so go check them out and see if your stats match up with theirs.

"S.S.D.D - Same Shit Different Day"


  • Welcome to our site.

  • New video uploaded to site. Visit video tab or click the link to watch this. Watch videos here